Win a spot in the

European Masters

A tournament held by Riot Games this spring!

Where the best upcoming teams in Europe get to compete.

The European Regional Leagues are the highest level of competitive League of Legends in each local country or region.

In the first online qualifiers summoners will battle for one of the 8 spots in the Benelux Premier League, an electrifying offline competition which will be held at our Binckbase in The Hague (Den Haag) to determine who will qualify to represent the BPL at the 2018 Summer European Masters. The Benelux Premier League elevates the competition to deliver League of Legends at the highest regional level.

  • Duration 27 Jan - 31 March
  • Prizepool €4,000
  • Teams 8



Each winner of the Online Qualifier claim one spot for the Offline Group stage.

Played Online

24, 25, 26, 27, 31 January 2019
01, 02, 03 February 2019

Weekdays: Start 20:00 CET (24/25/31 Jan. & 01 Feb.)
Weekends: Start 14:00 CET (26/27/02/03 Feb.)

The best 8 teams from the Online Qualifier will be divided into 2 groups.

Played Online

11, 13 & 15 February 2019


Earn a ticket for the European Masters tournament.

Played in The Hague

Elimination Stage:
17, 24 February & 03, 10, 17 March 2019

Semi-finals: 23 & 24 March 2019
Loser-Finals: 30 March 2019
Finals: 31 March 2019


  • Team minimum avarage rank: Diamond 4 (soloQ).
  • Players are at least 16 years old.
  • At least 3 players in the line-up live in Belgium, The Netherlands and/or Luxembourg (Benelux)
  • A team roster has a maximum of 10 players and a coach.
    • One roster change window:
      After the Group Stage, before the Elimination Stage.
  • Players are only allowed to participate in one European Regional League at a time.
  • The offline games need to be played in our esports venue in the Hague (The Netherlands).
  • Current starters in any premier regional league (EU LCS, LCK, LPL, IWC etc.) are strictly forbidden from engaging in the European Regional Leagues.
  • If a player has played in ten or more matches at any point in an LCS Split, that player is restricted from playing in a European Regional League for the remainder of the Split.
  • Teams are allowed to participate in multiple Online Qualifiers as long they are not placed in the Group Stage.
  • Sign Up

    All players must prove that they are work-eligible in their respective host country by providing:

    • EU citizens must provide a photo or copy of their passport or state issued identity card + copy bank statement with address
    • non-EU citizens must provide a photo or copy of their passport or state issued identity card + a valid visa with work eligibility is required

    Fill in the registration form below and send it to


    Sign Up Deadlines

    QualifierDeadline Sign Up
    24 January23 January 23:00 CET
    25 January24 January 23:00 CET
    26 January 25 January 23:00 CET
    27 January 26 January 23:00 CET
    31 January 30 January 23:00 CET
    01 February31 January 23:00 CET
    02 February01 February 23:00 CET
    03 February 02 February 23:00 CET